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Gas Delivery

Gas Delivery Services

While the details may vary by company, the process is similar. There’s a handful of companies that provide consumer gas delivery services across the United States: Yoshi, FuelMe, Filld, Gas Ninjas, and EZ Fill. It appears that Purple is no longer operational.

Enterprise Gas Delivery

Allow your employees to get a fill up while parked at your company campus or parking lot. Yoshi has corporate programs that allow employers to pay the delivery fee for employees, who pay a discounted rate for gas and earn rewards in the process.

Fleet Gas Delivery

Save time and money by no longer needing to drive your fleet vehicles to the gas station. FuelPanda differentiates themselves by providing services fueling services, along with maintenance and washing, solely to fleets.

How Does Gas Delivery Work?

What is gas delivery?

Gas delivery is a fuel-on-demand service aimed at individuals who would like the convenience of having their cars fueled at work or other places such as at home or the gym. In addition, some companies offer additional services such as checking customers’ tire pressure.

How do you order gas delivery?

Each gas delivery service has an app that allows you to schedule a delivery within a certain time window. Once scheduled, workers will arrive within the scheduled window and fuel the designated car. Many times, you don’t even have to be present for the fueling and all payments are handled through the app. Some companies offer the ability to schedule regular re-fueling, so you doesn’t have to place an individual order each time.

How much does gas delivery cost?

Each gas delivery company will charge a service fee in addition to the per-gallon cost of gas. The service fee can range anywhere from $3 to $9, depending on the company and customer location.

Is gas delivery available where I live?

Gas delivery is currently available in many major cities and a few of the companies allow you to request that they make the service available in your city.