Booster’s future looks promising

Booster, still in its start-up phase, completed terms for the largest round of funding it has received to date – $56 million in series C funding led by Invus, with participation from other funds, including returning investors Conversion Capital, Madrona Venture Group, Maveron, Perot Jain LP, and Vulcan Capita and new strategic investor Enterprise Holdings.

These funds should allow them to increase the size of their staff, purchase additional delivery trucks, expand to new cities, and market their service.

Booster prides itself for proprietary software that optimizes routes utilized by its fuel truck drivers to avoid slow downs due to traffic and prevents over 2 million pounds of carbon emissions by saving drivers trips to gas stations.

Source: VentureBeat, FreightWaves, Fleet Management Weekly.

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Tangible benefits of Booster

Unlike typical startups, Booster Fuels has invested into not just building a mobile app, but building a platform for more efficient delivery of fuel. Using a smartphone app, customers can have their cars filled up with gas while they’re at work, thus saving minimum 20 minutes.

But shortening the supply chain for gasoline isn’t just more convenient for consumers. It has the potential to eliminate at least a few steps in the hazardous process of delivering fuel, like preventing congestion in the cities, preventing carbon from being released into the atmosphere, etc.

Source: Forbes, WebProNews.

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Booster Fuels reaches big-name corporate clients

Booster Fuels has started generating $180,000 per day by delivering gas in over 20 cities to more than 20k customers per week, including big-name corporate clients like Toyota, Yahoo, Facebook, Cisco, eBay, IBM, Oracle, PayPal, Pepsi, Frito-Layand Mercedes. The companies can offer the service as a perk to their employees. 

Gas is delivered to the parking lots, the prices offered are similar to those of local gas stations, and the customers are not charged a service or subscription fee.

Source: GeekWire, CNBC.

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Booster expands into fleet fueling services

After announcing its expansion into fleet fueling services at the 2018 National Association of Fleet Administrators Expo, Booster Fuels has been delivering regular and premium gasoline as well as diesel to more than 300 fleet premises in 20 cities in the San Francisco Bay and Dallas-Fort Worth areas where  Booster is currently operating. Fleets served are ranging in size from fewer than 100 vehicles to thousands of vehicles, such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Stanley Steemer and limousine services company Carey International.

Booster is planning to expand to the East coast too, where fleets will be able to order fuel using a mobile application.

Sources: Fuel Oil News, PR Newswire.

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Booster Fuels Company Profile

Founders: Diego Netto, Frank Mycroft, Tyler Raugh

Founded: 2015

Sources: Crunchbase, Booster.

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