Filld launches services in new areas

Filld started its gas delivery services in the Bay Area of San Francisco in 2015 and has expanded to more locations since. Consumers are now served in Washington D.C. and Vancouver, Canada too. Additionally, B2B service is offered to fleets in the Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Washington D.C. and Vancouver, Canada.

The company launched its at-home mobile fuel delivery services in the Metro Vancouver area with a pilot program with the Hollyburn Properties in Vancouver offering residents at the Shannon Tower, Nicola Place, Barafield, and Flamingo apartment homes the possibility to sign up anytime to get delivery twice-a-week.

The company then expanded it to Bridgewater and The Iona.

Source: VCA News, PetrolPlaza, Business in Vancouver.

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Hardships Filld has to overcome

Filld launched its pilot in Seattle in March 2018, but just a few months later the mobile fueling startup hit a regulatory roadblock. The Seattle Fire Marshall found Filld in violation of rules that govern the handling of flammable and combustible liquids, and on July 25 they ordered the company to suspend “storage, handling, and/or use of flammable and/or combustible liquids” until they obtain “a SFD issued Flammable and Combustible liquids operational permit”.

Filld has to negotiate with the Seattle Fire Department to reach a set of permit conditions that would allow the company to operate under its current business model, that is filling up cars wherever they are parked, rather than porting them to a parking lot or facility.

Source: GeekWire, CSP.

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Filld gets support for flexible and cost-effective fueling services

In October 2018 Filld announced about $15 million in Series B funding co-led by Parkland Fuel Corporation and Calibrate Ventures. Other participants are previous investors, including Cendana Capital, Lucas Venture Group, Javelin Venture Partners and Hallador Investment Advisors.

Filld prides itself for building and expanding their fuel delivery platform for individual, as well as commercial and fleet customers. The new funds will allow Filld to drive new market expansions, further extend services within existing markets and enhance its tech platform and connected architecture.

Source: Business Wire, The Drive, Financial Post.

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Filld Company Profile

Founders: Christopher Aubuchon, Crawford Ifland, Jake Allbaugh, Scott Hempy

Founded: 2015

Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Sources: Crunchbase, Filld.

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